Spinning & Knitwear Items for Sale

I have listed several examples of my work below. Please get in touch if you would like something more bespoke as my specialty is creating unique and completely bespoke knitwear for that special feeling.

Hand Spinning……. Hand spun yarns and sometimes washed fleece and/or carded batts become available through the year, mainly from the fine quality wool flocks of my friends in the BCSBA or other sourced, specialist fibres from Wingham Fibres and John Arbon though my kits may be made up from yarns commercially spun for them. I do spin other quality fibres including Alpaca, Silk, Mohair … once Angora Rabbit and Linen Tow and some Cotton. Currently I have been working for my London Designer Friend and his Poodle owning Friend, helping support the Charity for Cancer Detecting Dogs. Of course I came into spinning because of my own dogs donating their groommings to the Bearded Collie Rescue Charity Caravan …. any dog fur needs to come from newly ‘shampooed dogs and be long enough in fibre length to hold the ”twist”!


Sideways lace edged jacket

A V-necked Jacket, Garter Stitch, knitted sideways – using 700gm pure DK wool, on size 4.50mm needles. Uses short row shaping so some knitting experience required.

One size only to fit UK 16 – 18 with tension of 18sts and 34 rows test square 10cms, altering tension could adjust fit.


Available as Pattern £8.50, kit £75.00 or hand knitted £250.


Easy Boat Neck Jumper

Was first made in DK Hand spun, developed from a’ Fleece to Jumper’ competition that I took part in in the early Naughties! 2002 or there about…

The Sleeves can be ‘picked up’ around the Armhole and knitted down to the Cuff and the Body can easily be adapted to fit as based on Rectangles. The Back Neck and Shoulders have been raised by ‘short row’ knitting; and the Front Neck is cast off below the throat with the Shoulders short rowed, to match the Back. You can even cast off the Shoulders each side together to save sewing up.
Or it is very simple simple shaped pieces to sew together. Use a favourite, fitting Jumper to take measurements from.


Pattern £7.50, Kits £45 – £55 according to yarn required,

Hand Made £80 -£100 according to size.


Variety of Accessories

Examples of new Styles – developed from the basic Unreweleez Berets and Roll Brimmed Beanies.

Clockwise from Top Left:
Contrast Edged Pill Hat; Sparkle Green Hooded Scarf; Large Brimmed Ha; Lace Picot Cowl; Knotted Lace Head Scarf; Red tasseled Beanie; (a) Crescent Shaped Lace Shawl, using my ‘signature Lace pattern (b) Shetland Style Lace Muffler (c) Matching Lace Tam; Prairie Style Bonnet; Basic Triangle Shoulder Shawl; Drop Stitch Scarf; Purple Cable brimmed Pull-on; Key-Hole, Pull-Thro Lace Muffler.

Grey-blue Baggy Tam and matching Mitts; Blue Fingerless Mitts and matching Drop Stitch Scarf.
Back Wall: Wide, Old Shale lace, Shetland Comforter; Examples of Zig-Zag, space-dyed Commercial Yarns.
Hats, Tams, Bonnets and Beanies – Ladies average size (state circumference if ordering finished items).

Most Available as Patterns £5.50, Kits £15 – £20 and Hand Knitted £20 – £35 … according to style and yarns used.

Shawls, Cowls, Scarves and mittens. Most Available as Patterns £5.50, Kit Prices will vary according to Size / Length, style and yarns used £20+ Hand Made £30+.


Sock Boots and Bootees

Special Christening Bootees, unique to Unreweleez, made with handspun ‘fine fleece’ and pure silk tops.

I have produced a range of knitted Sock Boots and also Slipper Socks with suede soles for use on carpeted, non-slip floor surfaces

I have a very simple Wellie Boot Sock pattern made in garter stitch as a kit.

I am currently designing a ‘Pixie Hood Set’ inclusive of hat, mitts and bootees from my most popular style of Christening Bootee.

Bootees and Sets: Prices will range from £16.00 to £25.00 and Kit prices will be approx 25% less


Hand Spun Yarns

I mainly spin special Merino X Fleece and Organic Shetland Fleece plus Organic LLeyn X Fleece when a harder wearing yarn is required.

Other spun Woollen fibres include Commercially Produced Tops of Fine, Falkland Island Wool, the Beautiful Merino and Silk Tops of John Arbon and Dyed Coloured Merino Tops from Wingham Wool Works.

I also spin a variety of other fibres such as the Pure Silk Tops as used in my Christening Bootees Cords and Mohair that I made into Berets and matching Wellie boot socks. And I am using Linen Tow Tops to design a Boat Necked Sleeveless Jumper for Summer.

I also enjoy experimenting with spinning ‘fancy yarns’ and have used them to add trims to some of my Hats and scarves.

I can spin three types of yarn – Aran, Double Knit and 4ply using the Mabel Ross Guage of Wraps per Inch (WPI). If you have noticed Balls of Knitting Yarn now give the details of YARDAGE on their labels. When you knit it uses up LENGTH of yarn so that is how I calculate my kits with 10% to allow for some degree of tension in the knitting.

I shall post up yarn as it becomes available and the tension and size of Garment it could make; but if you have a favourite pattern and can state the thickness of yarn and possibly quote the number/weight of the balls and yardage given… then I can make bespoke quantities of yarn for you.

Some of my designs have been knitted using my Friend’s commercial yarn, spun from her flock which she has been breeding for the quality of their fleece for over 30 years! Yes a member of the British Coloured Sheep Breeders Association, where fleece is only sold under a Code of Practice of High Quality Wool and Spinnable!